Did You Know?

Our logo, the endless knot, used widely throughout our hotel on furniture, linens, crockery and the walls is a symbolic knot and one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It is an ancient symbol comparable to knots of other cultures, bearing a striking similarity to the Celtic Knot of the ancient Celts.

The Endless Knot is an intricate design of looped or intertwined lines that weave in and out of each other in right angles to form a lattice pattern. The knot seemingly has no beginning and no end. The multitude of twists and turns in fact illustrate the theory of interconnection all over the world. If all beings were truly separate, life would be much more complex. It is through this interconnectedness throughout existence that makes life simpler, as each being has essentially the same desires and struggles in life. This ancient emblem reflects this paradox. The knot can also be viewed as a representation of perfect harmony. If all of existence works together in flawless cooperation, as the lines in the Endless Knot do, then a perfect reality will truly exist.